The Reformation of the 16th Century


A pastor, who appreciates and values the pastoral intention that caused the great Reformers of the 16th century to attempt changes in the Western Church or medieval Roman Catholic Church, has prepared the lectures available on this web site.

Recovery of the Reformation of the 16th century from the dustbin of history will enable us to discover useful lessons the Reformers learned in living in a turbulent age.

Perhaps these lectures will inspire scholarship among pastors and laity to the point that once again it becomes relevant to equip the laity for their role as spiritual priests in the priesthood of all believers, the Church.

It is my hope and prayer these lectures will inspire others to sharpen their understanding the Christian message and move the Church toward renewal in the 21st century.

James A. Glasscock


The Lord's Supper in Nineteenth Century American Theology

Hymns and Hymnody

Reformation IV - 2002 - Photos

Praying with the Reformers

Art & Architecture

Pastoral Care

Meaning of Prayer for the Reformers

Prayers of the Reformers

Ministry.Middle Ages

Ministry.Evangelical Reform